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I purchased this laptop around Christmas -- important information below!

There is a major touchpad problem with the Y500. There is a ~100 page thread on their forums about it here []. Basically, the touchpad on certain models randomly fritzes out and becomes totally unusable, and the solution is almost always to reboot.

This problem may or may not be fixed, but even after Lenovo acknowledged the hardware problem, they continued to ship units known to be defective.

The touchpad is also generally crap. It is the cheapest feeling piece of plastic you coud imagine, and the click action is loud and unnatural, like the board game Trouble. You can even feel the touchpad bend as you press down. It also has about a millimeter of give to it that makes it emit a tapping noise every time your finger lifts and then lands again as your navigate with the clickpad.

This device does not support Optimus. Even though the computer does contain both the nVidia card and the integrated Intel card, they've totally bypassed the Intel integrated card. You cannot utilize Optimus to save power and you cannot use WiDi because of this.

The keyboard is nice enough. The screen is better than some I've seen on other recent laptops, but it's still way worse then my Dell Studio from 5 years ago. The display cannot tilt back very far, and the hinge is more flimsy than I'd like. The speakers are the nicest I've heard on a laptop -- even beats the new Dells with their separate subwoofers. I'm sure there are better, but these are very nice.

Battery life was about 5 hours on normal usage.

I think there's only one USB 3 port -- keep that in mind.

The overall build quality is a bit shoddy. The touchpad, the hinge.... The lid on mine doesn't close evenly -- there's a slight gap on the left side. There's also a bend in the machine which is noticeable when the lid is close and leaves a gap in the middle. I can't tell if that's intentional or just poor workmanship. There's a seam that runs along the top of the base (the keyboard area), which attracts dust and crumbs and I've heard the gap in the seam increases over time.

Overall, it's good specs for the price, if you get one with a working clickpad. If you can live with the worst clickpad you'll ever use, and if the small things (like no Optimus, bad display hinge, mediocre display quality, and only a single USB 3.0 port) don't bother you, then it's a good laptop.

I'll try to answer any questions you might have.