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Quote from gonepostl View Post :
These series of cpu's have incredible overclock potential. I believe I've seen people get to 5.5 ghz.
The best I've read about online with normal cooling is about 4.9. I have my 8320 stable at about 4.7 @ 1.425v on a push-pull liquid cooler, but it still runs very hot (60c) under full load. If I got back to stock voltage I can easily run 4ghz with a 4.4 turbo and still keep it under 40 with only 1 fan (instead of 2).

Quote :
I bought it from microcenter for 140. I bought it there because with a warranty you can make up any bs excuse 2 years from now and get a new cpu; they give you a giftcard.wootdrool
How is that any different than just stealing it right off the shelf? Getting a good deal is one thing, but lying to get a replacement is just stealing. Suck it up and pay for it.