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Quote from Core2Quad View Post :
One of my main reasons for not liking CS that much anymore is I want to play the game, not wait 1-2 minutes when I'm dead watching other people play. With TF2 and fast respawn you are playing 99% of the game. With CS you usually actually play <50% of the time.

Secondly, TF2 is just a much more broad game, there are so many different game types:

Capture the flag, cart maps, control point maps, arena etc.

Then there is Mann vs machine. And trading...

Then there are all kinds of custom game types like MGE, dodge ball, prop hunt etc.
i agree, i've spent hundreds of hours playing TF2 but i also spent plenty of hours playing CS 1.6 and CSS back in the day...

But they're just different types of games and it's silly to compare them and say one is "better" than the other. They're both fun in their own right.