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Quote from wind&salsa View Post :
Is there a good chance that plugging the extender onto such a powerline would significantly improve the range? Thanks
I'm not understanding the setup, is the modem in the cottage and is there a router connected to it that sends a signal to the repeater in the main house?

In any case, this wouldn't help with wi-fi range. Instead it would create a stable link between the two power-line units that you could connect an access point anywhere inside the home that could provide a stable wi-fi connection within the house (so as long as there isn't much interference). Of course the cottage would need to be on the same breaker box as the main house for this power-line device to establish a link. The main benefit for your friend's setup sounds like you'll be able to change the repeater into an access point and move any area that can provide the best coverage, without worrying about being within range of the cottage's router.

I have a fairly large place and use these devices to link my two access points (EnGenius EAP350 []) to the main router (Asus RT-56U []). Works out pretty well.

If you do not need the 4-port adapter, you could save $20 and use something like this instead:

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