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I bought this last week for $85. It works pretty well and the setup is simple. However, consider that the speeds can degrade really quickly depending on how far you are from the router's power socket.

For example, I have a 750sq ft condo, built in 2007 (relatively new). When I plug both units into 2 sockets in bedroom 1 (where the router is), they can talk at over 100mbps. When I plug the second unit into bedroom 2, the speed goes down to about 65mbps. When I plug the second unit into one of the sockets in my living room instead, the speed varies depending on socket, anywhere from about 15mbps to 40mbps.

So just keep in mind that yes, it will likely be a more stable connection than wireless, but unless you are very close to the router or your wiring is all on the same circuit, speeds can decrease pretty quickly. I have 1Gbps internet (lucky me), so this is still a very slow solution when something plugged directly into the router can get 850mbps. However, it still seems to stream HD video in my living room more smoothly than WiFi did...

Edit: I have a Square D AFCI (circuit box)....

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