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Quote from highfloydelity View Post :
No. Solar energy in the US vs. Germany. They (in the video) say we're not able to compete but yet fail to acknowledge the fact that the Germans are much more invested in their infrastructure that we are. Why can't we follow their lead?
Why didn't you frame this thread in that direction then? Instead you highlight the stupid statement by a Fox Business reporter.

Hell, you didn't even have a side note about US v Germany solar differences. But to answer the non-existent question []:
Quote :
Why the difference? Policy is the big factor. The German government has heavily subsidized renewable energy for years through a variety of measures. Perhaps most crucially, the country’s “feed-in tariffs” allow ordinary people to install solar panels on their rooftops and sell the power to the grid at favorable rates. (The costs are then shared by all electricity users.)

Solar installations are also much cheaper in Germany — about half as cheap as they are in the United States. Partly that’s because the industry is bigger. But a recent report from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory discovered a bunch of smaller factors, too. Permitting is easier in Germany. And German solar installers spend less on marketing, inspections, and grid-connection fees. That all adds up.

Now, there’s a crucial flip side to this story, too: Germany’s renewable-energy splurge isn’t free. Far from it. This year, the average three-person family will likely have to pay an extra $220 on their electric bills to finance all that new wind and solar construction. And German lawmakers have debated whether to pare back the billions in feed-in subsidies for solar power, particularly since it’s a cloudy country and wind turbines are still a much cheaper form of clean energy.
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