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Quote from highfloydelity View Post :
Because you were supposed to watch the video. Did you? I can't help what the title of the article was.
You can sure as hell help which paragraph you quoted. Wink

Quote :
Furthermore, I didn't highlight anything. I copied the first paragraph and the links/pics.
Why take out the first paragraph when you intent for the thread is completely separate from the intent of the paragraph?

And was this sentence part of the article? "Fox and Friends "expert", Shibani Joshi, claims solar energy will never work in the U.S. (esp. the east coast) because we don't get enough sunshine. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry." A Firefox find returns no results... Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)

So the intent of the thread was to discuss differences in US v German solar technology; while quoting a Slate blog, pasting the first paragraph of said blog which highlights the misinformation from a Fox Business reporter, and your own opinion as to that statement and specifically the reporter. Crazy

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