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Quote from Binar View Post :
Call Logitech ... They'll replace it for free. I have a gx9 and I'm very happy with it
I have the non-MW3 version (red/black) and the bottom is starting to wear + now that I'm gaming it cuts out for some strange reason. Using it with a Steel Series glass mat. I just started using it for gaming after very minimal use for years. I did install the software for tweaking/etc.

Quote from CloudS View Post :
What's wrong with yours?
Cutting out randomly during gaming including lag and feels like the sensor is dying

Quote from sinerex View Post :
I have a G9 I bought 2 years ago and it intermittently cuts out while gaming, just started at random. Doubtful the g9 has a lifetime warranty,
Same issue. Are there any firmware updates?

Quote from cheesetogo View Post :
In my experience the cords on the G9 and G9x aren't great, and they tend to start fraying where it connects into the mouse. That might be the cause of your issue. IIRC, it has a 3 year warranty so there's a good chance you'll be able to get a replacement.

Aside from the cord, the G9x is pretty much my favorite mouse (gaming and otherwise) ever. I bought a spare the other day since it looks like it's being phased out.
No issue with the cord. How do I check if the mouse can still be warrantied?

Quote from 722 View Post :
Which one?
Non-MW3 black/red model

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