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Quote from DJPlayer View Post :

I just took your entire argument (actually a rant) and tore it apart with the current process. You sign an affirmation and the state does all the work for you. All you need to do is show up.. You've already been aware for about a year now. Are we about to argue why you need to show ID to get welfare? Or maybe argue about proving one's qualifications.. maybe we should just let people do it online.. On second though.. why not just a big bag of money outside the office and let those who are eligible take what they should take.. Oh wait.. that wouldn't be fair to those who need to drive. So I guess we'll put bags of money on each street corner only for the poor to take their designating portion. Oh but what if they're ill and can't reach in.. hmm.. how about we just throw money up in the air and tell only those that qualify to catch it. Or maybe put money into everyone's bank accounts and don't qualify to please send it back. mmhhmm sounds like a plan.

Yes, South Carolina does the same, more or less. So does Indiana and Georgia.

That's why these people have to lie.

The Tennessee statute says:

A voter who is indigent and unable to obtain proof of identification without payment of a
fee or who has a religious objection to being photographed shall be required to execute an
affidavit of identity on a form provided by the county election commission and then shall
be allowed to vote. The affidavit shall state that:
(1) The person executing the affidavit is the same individual who is casting the ballot; and

(2) The affiant is indigent and unable to obtain proof of identification without paying a fee
or has a religious objection to being photographed.

The Tennessee election code also permits an individual over the age of 60 can vote absentee. That hasn't stopped a bunch of 90 year olds from Tennessee from telling lies.

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