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Quote from junhao123 View Post :
Relax. No need to be so uncouth, especially when it does nothing to help get your point across.

Regardless of whose fault it is, I'm sure we can all agree that the term "Ultrabook" has been grossly abused.
"Ultrabook" was marketed and understood by many as laptops that were both portable and powerful. Many people, myself included, have always associated "Ultrabook" with the term "ultraportable" that came before it. So it is frustrating to look for Ultrabooks and find such heavy laptops.
4.5lbs is very heavy. Heavier than many 17" laptops. It's also not very portable.
So I might go a little further and say what an "Ultrabook" (if the term was used usefully and properly), should be. It should match all the specifications given and a few more. It should be something special that is both "ultraportable" and has the power of a good laptop.

And besides, a lot of these people aren't really saying that this is a bad deal just because it doesn't match their definition of "Ultrabook". They're basically saying that this product is not a good product for the price, and are bewildered that it is being marketed as an "Ultrabook". Now it might have skewed their perception a bit, because they expected an "Ultrabook", but it doesn't change their opinion's validity.
There is definitely not a single 17" laptop under 4.5 pounds. Try 6.5+ pounds.

4.5 pounds is fairly light for a 15.6 inch laptop at this price point. Obviously there are lighter ones out there but at 300.00+ more than this.