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Quote from DJPlayer View Post :
I am completely dumbfounded when this entire argument surfaces. We are talking about either proving one's entity.. or merely the government taking your word for it.
This ^ misrepresents the situation. There are several checks on your identity when you vote.

For one, you have to know the name and address of a registered voter.

For another, you have to know that they have not already voted.

If you violated either of these requirements, you are subject to arrest and conviction.

All of these factors greatly discourage voter impersonation fraud.

OTOH, fake IDs are not very hard to get....if you know the other things listed above.

Quote :
I'm trying to think of a single scenario in the private or public sector where they just take your word for your identity. If this is all so why not get rid of birth certificates, DMV photo ID etc.. we all can just be exactly who we claim we are..
Those things which require IDs are not Constitutional rights.

Quote :
I'm not even sure what the counter argument to Photo ID is..
Amazing how you've managed to grasp these misconceptions but failed to understand the counter arguments.

Spoon fed: there is a segment of the population for which acquiring the required photo ID places an undue burden, effectively discouraging them from voting. When that benefits one Party over another, the motive is highly suspect in the absence of proof of any significant voter impersonation fraud.