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Quote from floatingDivs View Post :
LOL @ buying these basketball socks. I wear designer brands and what not when going out in public, but I'm certainly not going to dress like a douchebag when playing rec ball. All I need is some low-top socks and shoes, calf compression sleeves, a shooting sleeve on my dominant hand, a head band, and my cross necklace.

No thanks, Jeff...
I'll never understand this love for calf compression sleeves. For years I've been wearing knee highs for volleyball to keep my calves warm and avoid cramping, until someone recommended that I use the compression sleeves instead. What a waste of time, it's the same thing. Now the only time I ever wear them is for beach volleyball, because I obviously have to play barefoot and the knee highs won't work.

I won't give you too much shit for using a shooting sleeve if you shoot a lot and sit down between games though, because cooling down is a nightmare for muscle groups that you use a lot. Before I started wearing the knee highs I'd be putting pants on between games, and even now the first thing I do is get a hoodie on after I come off the court to keep my shoulder/elbow warm.

I'd be all over these if I were knee highs and not mids.

Of course all the kids who play all day in whatever they're wearing think I'm nuts, I used to think that too. When I was < 20 I could play any sport all day in jeans and a t-shirt. Not anymore. I look like I have a million injuries now when I'm suiting up for a game. When all the young kids just walk onto the court and start playing, I'm busy with straps, braces, tape, and stretching.

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