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Quote from degsie View Post :
A tad xenophobic perhaps?
nope, but when you've seen what tech assembly plants in China do to their workers and the local environment, it's quite terrifying. I avoid anything from PRC as much as possible. No such issues with other foreign products from places like Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, South America or Europe. I'm no green freak, but it's disgusting the way they dump raw poisons out from the factories in China. Xenophobia implies an irrational fear of anything foreign. I have a fact-based dislike of goods produced in China.

By being allowed to operate in this way they undercut the ability of US based manufacturing to compete (some of our own government regs are just as much to blame, too). Every time you buy something made in China, you are supporting their business practices.

Of course it's near-impossible to completely stay away from Chinese-made products, but when given a choice, it's one more factor to consider when deciding whether or not to buy, right up there with price, quality, customer service, and merchant reputation.

It seems like about 10-20% of our food is coming from China these days as well....

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