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Now this is what it seems like what I will be buying at $199 price and the main reason I didnt purchase the Nexus 7 - mainly for its size at 7 inches and the 1gb or ram.
At - 7.7 icnes - better resolution screen supposedly - better processor more ram - better hardware{LG's hardware is much better than Asus} - that looks pretty tempting. I dont know what about other people but one thing you gotta give to LG - their hardware is pretty impressive and their products last for long time - cant speak on their t.v line up - but I can for their mobile line up - like the LG Optimus 2X that I got for my dumb ass brother 2 years which he dropped 10 times from waist high and nothing happened to the front or back of the phone and the phone works great.
Back to the article - Although Tegra 3 and Tegra 4 are both Quad Core processors - it seems like the Tegra 4 will be the much better bang for your back since I read online in an article that Qualcomm uses more advanced 28nm process for its Snapdragon S4 which is a Daul Core processor, which competes with the Tegra 3 - only for me to add another point to LG's behalf that the LG Optimus L9 smartphone is a great pone since its rocking an S4 processor and the rest of the hardware is pretty impressive as well at $199 without a contract.
Looking forwards for this new 7.7 Nexus.