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Quote from Moooshe View Post :
Which is more likely as a scenario:

1. Blizzard registered this user in 2007 and slowly built up the rep and post count just to use it for marketing in 2013

-- OR --

2. Some people have different opinions than your own?

Seriously now, if you say the game is dead, done, nothing to see here, why bother trolling in posts that clearly should be of no interest to you? Move along, it's about time you let go.

Some people who say they quit the game a long time ago obviously have too much time on their hands now as they keep on bi*ching about how bad this game is wherever they can.
This is why I've been browsing less and less on slickdeals as of recent. If you have even the slightest difference of opinion people have these crazy conspiracy theories.

I pop on WoW every now and then to check it out, and after getting MoP on the last $19 deal I agree. I think it's pretty solid addition. I didn't like what they did to talent tree but meh.

Also, I agree with what a previous user said. If you can only play on the weekends and even then only for a few hours a weekend that $15 a month stings.