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Quote from netanderthal View Post :
If Netflix, Hulu or some other flash/browser based video content is a requirement for you, then this barebone is not for you. If you want to record TV signal off the air or from the cable card or have any sort of DVR functionality, then this DVR is not for you.

What this particular barebone should do great is playback high-def downloaded movies.

If you want something that will satisfy the former requirements, your only choice would be an i3/5/7-based Windows MCE system for DVR/Hulu/Netflix and the mediabrowser plugin for downloaded content.
Not trying to TC but exactly whats the point of this then?
I have a 50 dollar bluray player that i can play bluray rips on in 1080p.
If your gonna spend 100 plus bucks, just catch a ps3 on special. Edit: i know ps3s are more than 100, just giving an example
Sry im just not understanding he appeal.