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I get so tired of all the haters of the "welfare gear." Grinding Valor Points at a 1k limit per week, when the typical items costs 2k+ certainly takes time. Just doing the Looking For Raids and the daily Heroic dungeon won't cap you. And the Looking For Raids mechanic only awards sub par gear as compared to regular raiding and heroic raiding. Complaining about easy loot is nonsense, go raid regular and heroic if you feel that way.

Looking for raid mechanic was introduced last expansion, and it is amazing. It allows everyone to be able to view the end game content that used to be only viewable by a very very small percent of raiders. So what you get "purple" gear from it, its still sub par to regular raiding gear. It still requires progression of running Heroics to get the appropriate item level. You shouldn't have to devote countless hours and days to progressive raiding just to see a glimpse of the end game content.

And for those who cry about 40 mans and LFR too easy... Again, raid Reg and Heroics if you wanna cry about LFR. And 40 mans? Pfft, I will never miss waiting in MC for hours on end trying to get everyone there. People who say they miss it, simply never did it. I've end game raided every xpac since vanilla.

Sooo, good deal, good game. Better than last expansion, so some hope left for this franchise.