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Quote from TigOlBitties View Post :
So many people mooching your thread and coupon code starting new deals for staples laptops. The least people can do is metion your name or give some credit.
Quote from DocDeals View Post :
Considering who one of the posters is, I'd be a bit skeptical it was that unintentional., but oh well. When putting something on the Internet, having it ripped off has to be assumed.
Quote from wiiwok View Post :
I think everyone recognizes that the slick in the 2 FP deals is the coupon code. Docdeals deserves credit for being the first to share with the SD community.

I'm really surprised to see an SD editor repost the coupon code for two otherwise market average priced items and then self promote to FP.

There are 256 items eligible on Staples for the coupon (could be off in my count). Makes no sense to post all 256 and call them deals when the coupon code is what makes these 'Slick'.
I have posted similar "coupon-dependent" deals before, including FP Staples desktop deals, and have been on both sides of the problem. I can empathise, but the "official" policy is to allow individual coupon-based deals, even if the coupon has already been posted.

The long story: One time, I assumed that not posting individual deals was the rule/policy/proper thing to do. So, when someone beat me to posting a $75 Lenovo coupon in December, I was dumb nice enough to list the two PCs I though were deals as a reply to the coupon thread. Someone else posted the two PC deals as a separate thread which became very popular (or maybe even ended up on the FP, I don't remember). I raised the issue with a mod, and got the following response:

Quote from deelseaker :
Based on *my* previous experience, if someone posts a store-wide/category-wide coupon (like this particular $75 off ALL Lenovo computers Staples coupon), all later deal examples based on the coupon are merged into the original coupon thread. That's why I chose not to post as separate items the two PC deals I though were good. I thought they would be merged into the original coupon thread.

I've had that happen to me a couple of times. My deals were merged into more generic threads. I think it is wrong, because I think the SD community benefits more from detailed "actionable" deal threads.
Quote :
I'll run tis by the other mods but my understanding is that we do not merge a general sale/coupon/etc. into a specific deal post.
On a personal note, I feel strongly about what I said to the mod: I think the SD community benefits more from detailed "actionable" deal threads. There may be 256 items that qualify for the coupon, but only two of them may be truly hot. Most other ones are not helped by the coupon at all. An average person would not necessarily know which ones are the ones to get. Many coupons are worthless to begin with. To be really helpful, a poster needs to mention a specific deal. This will help those who have active alerts and/or are not familiar with the pricing.

In other words, it wasn't the $75 coupon that was hot. It was the $350 Lenovo PC that was made hot at $275 by the coupon.