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Quote from newcronos View Post :
The internal drive is just for OS. Serious HTPC users will always have their library externally on a separate file server or a NAS.
as long as we're overgeneralizing, "serious" HTPC users will always have a TV tuner hooked up. It'd be silly to buy an HTPC to do something that a $50 wifi BR/DVD player can do.

Quote from RavenSEAL View Post :
This thing is crawling slow, absolutely will not run Netflix or Windows comfortably for that're better off buying a refurbed C2D system from TigerDirect for $130.
Uh, what? If you can't get W7 to work smoothly on a D525 with >2gb RAM, the problem is you not knowing how to optimize windows. Not the computer.

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