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Quote from Duckula View Post :
Does is make sense or should i stick to NX1000?

ps. I am a beginner to the pro world and this or NX1000 would be my first pro cam. I have a Panasonic FZ47 currently.
Coming from a compact superzoom, I would definitely recommend this as your first step instead of the Samsung, UNLESS you will be doing a significant amount of shooting at low-light at max ISO, or you want the wifi. The Panasonic body+lens (and future lenses) will be lighter, and there is a nice micro-4/3 Panny/Oly ecosystem so you have lots of upgrade paths for the future should you make any lens purchases. *Any* handheld video on the Samsung will the 20-50 lens will be shaky since there is no stabilization.

The Panasonic will also maintain much better resale value; there is almost no demand for the Samsungs. Both the NX1000 and GF5 were introduced last year, so there will be opportunities for more "deals" in the near future to clear out inventory, so don't sweat it too much!