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After checking it out physically at the Staples store, these are my comments:

Chassis feels solid, well built/metal-like feeling.
On the basic browser, simple apps (news, photo, weather, etc.) it ran fairly fast.

however I couldn't convince myself to pull the trigger due to these 2 issues:

1. I've been waiting for a decent performance hybrid tablet/notebook that will allow me to:
a. Take care of business tasks such as heavier Excel files, Powerpoint presentations, large emails through Outlook.
b. Basic adobe lightroom/photoshop, basic audio recording/processing, basic movie editing.
c. Play touchscreen app games, read news, watch youtube/movies, listen to music.

My gripe is that with a keyboard permanently attached to the screen, it seems hard to use it freely in tablet mode, to play some games or hold it in vertical angles. Also the added weight makes it hard to hold it for long, like a tablet.

2. For some reason with the glare-type screen and a "somewhat loose" screen hinges, everytime I touched the screen, it would wabble and shake, creating a very annoying glaring shake. it actually felt pretty dizzying. Maybe this is just me, because I havent seen anyone else mention this at all.

just wanted to share some of my thoughts.