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Quote from r4l3x View Post :
We're talking that the charger costs 20% of the phone price...

As nice and convenient it is, unless this thing do something more than just charge the phone then it's a truly luxury overpriced item. Maybe if they have launched it with the phone many people would have paid for it "in the heat of the moment" but right now I seriously doubt they will sell that much at that price...
I don't think they're planning on selling that many of them, it's just a neat novelty that few other phones have and people want. I don't know if you've noticed, but since the iPhone came out a phone has been more than a phone or a PDA; they're accessories now, like bags and jewelry.

I admit this is an overpriced tech, however it would be really neat having this in the office, where my phone goes from my desk and into my pocket every half hour. Not that it's hard to plug in the USB cable, but hey, we also don't "need" rain sensing wipers and dimming rear view mirrors and automatic transmissions and so on and so forth, but we pay for the convenience.

Need is an interesting word. Until I moved to America, I didn't think I needed a car, a cell phone, quality produce, TVs in every room, disposable diapers, a dishwasher, etc. Yet, here I am, "needing" all those things. When I was growing up, hot water meant you boil it on the stove. That's why people will a lot of times write "first world problems." Yes, they are... and I don't mind them.

Hell, my dog has a better life than I did when I was growing up. He's groomed every month, fed twice a day, gets a bunch of toys, gets pampered and gets to sleep in the house - on a king bed! Yet, when I tell him "hey, you don't 'need' that bone" you should see the look he gives me. Apparently he does need it Wink.
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