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Quote from LordAthens View Post :
I won't TD it, but it's not a good deal, considering you're likely get rid of it when the slow Atom infuriates you. I have an Atom based HTPC. It's ok for running XBMC, but with a large library, even that can be slow. You can forget using WMC on it for live TV or PVR usage. And Netflix / YouTube in HD comes across as a slide show.

If you want something strictly for XBMC, get a RasberryPI. If you want a real HTPC, get a Ivy Bridge Celeron or i3.

I'm sure there will be those coming in saying they love their Atom based HTPC. They're in denial. I was one of them. Again, ok for XBMC, but at that point, you can get 3 RasberryPI's for the price of one of these and they do the same thing.
As I mentioned earlier, I purchased a pair of Lenovo IdeaCentre Q180 (from the Outlet, for ~$130 each). These units are being used exclusively to stream video. I'm just a casual TV watcher; nearly all the programing I watch is available to stream at no cost but not through units such as Ruku. I don't have the highest tech level, but even I was surprised at how slow the Atom is in some regards. But I'm extremely pleased with the quality of the streams on my 50" ... yes, there's some occassional minor "flickering" at 1080 (not "slide show" as you characterized it) but few websites I watch offer 1080, and I'm concerned about the impact of 1080 on my monthly data allotment anyway.

So yes, I agree that if you're a videophile, the Atom's not the solution for you. But if you're a casual TV watcher like me, who's using a HTPC as a cable replacement to reduce costs, than it's a great solution.