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Quote from xveganrox View Post :
I don't know how so many people think that IV was better. Just the fact that you couldn't stack a thousand units on top of each other on V makes combat much more strategic and not just a rush to field as many units as possible. I played V with and without G&K, and G&K is a worthy expansion, but it's plenty playable without, IMO.
This. Grognards will appreciate V for the elimination of unrealistic exploits that were seen in the previous games. I understand that IV has a tremendous following, but in reality, V is just a better game mechanically. It's not perfect, and the add-ons do add quite a bit more, but the fact that 50 units can't stack (hidden) in one tile cuts out quite a bit of the frustrating shenanigans that were found in IV.
Sometimes it's important to understand exactly how much you don't know.
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