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Quote from geniv View Post :
I purchase from them before and just like everyone said.
the quality/material of the screen protector is sucky and they messed up my order also.
but at least they are quick to respond to any issues.

the actual material is kinda "soft" and "mushy" and kinda distort the image alittle. not hard and firm like all the other screen protector you see. I wouldn't put these on a phone with a nice display it kinda ruin the clarity alittle. and on top of that the material is not "smooth" . and the worst part is it scratches easily as it is not hard.

I would not pay full price for it. but the price is about right at 70% off. you are not getting a super deal just "u get what u pay for"

BTW: you dont really need soap and water to apply if you are careful (at lease for phone size screens) but it is still more pita to apply these screen protector material than most other common firmer material.

problem with these material is once air bubble is in. you really can't use a credit card to push it out like other protectors because this is kinda mushy material.

it takes about a week for the screen protector to "settle" in as oppose to about a day of other ones.

IMHO I won't put this on my phone as it is not as clear and provide less protection as others.

Only saving grace is the price...
I'm sorry, I do not agree with you at all. I love my screen protector from xtremeguard. I find that it takes a little experience to put on the screen protector perfectly though. The one that I have on my phone is not perfect since it was the first one I put on...but the one I put on my father's phone turned out perfect.

I used the soapy water method suggested by the company site both times but was meticulous the second time around. You have to make sure you wipe down the screen completely or you might get some dust particles on it. you might even have your best friend with you to wipe it down before you put on the soapy water soaked screen protector. just my suggestion, since I have a dust particle stuck in mine forever...or until I want to take it off.

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