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Quote from Ducman69 View Post :
I'm a huge Civilization fan, but 4 is better... whaaaat? I promptly uninstalled Civ4 w/ BTS when Gods and Kings came out, but like I played Civ4 modded I prefer Civ5 Gods and Kings with Civilization Nights, a full transformation pack: (over 1000 average perfect 5* review)

Civ5 vanilla is not the same game in any way shape or form to Civ5 Gods and Kings + Civ Nights. Its like comparing a cloth seat base Mustang V6 with a GT500... same base, but you certainly can't judge the latter by driving the former.
can you go into a little detail about why you are recommending this mod? I followed your link but as someone who has never played Civ 5 much, that list of changes doesnt mean much.