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Quote from rocodog View Post :
how do you preorder 128GB?
do i have to call?
that is against the SD rule!
The call rule only applies for price mistakes, coupons / coupon stacking, other possible errors, etc.

This is an advertised sale - there is no harm from calling.

Quote from SilverSurfer View Post :
I'm hearing a lot of rumours that the prices on these will be coming down due to low sales and general meh reception of Windows 8. I am sure the initial demand will be high on these beefier units, but will it hold up? I would like to get one of these at some point, but they seem a little pricey right now.
I don't think the price will come down for quite some time - after all, the Pro's were JUST released. And generally businesses are the ones that are buying. Other than a sale every now and then like this one with a $100 GC included, I wouldn't expect a price drop any earlier than 6 months, if not Christmas time .. and I doubt it will be a significant drop on the Pro units since these are not targeted towards casual or home users primarily.

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