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Weak sales are on the RT models, people see the marketplace for those going as far as the windows phone..........This is basically like introducing a whole new segment (although I really think that was done with atom based w8 tablets too). There were windows desktops (majority) then windows laptops (majority) now windows based tablets. As prices lower and get closer to laptops (larger screen sizes too maybe), you really just have to ask yourself do I want a laptop or a laptop that I can take the screen off and use as a tablet too? This has a 3rd gen i5 with intel 4000 integrated grx, you simply can't compare it to a kindle/ipad/galaxy. So you keep the same functionality of a laptop and only add more options.

It is expensive but at least it replaces any need for something like a macbook air. Now with w8 os and a touch screen, and the fact you can run programs as you like on desktop mode with a keyboard, whats the point of a macbook air unless you solely want mac os. You have to give up touch features and a touch screen. You'd have to buy an ipad and carry both around (laughs). There are tablets and there are intel tablets, which are basically laptops.

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