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Quote from mrbrucermurray View Post : i orderd a 2004 toyota echo ( looked brand new and had low mile ) for 6k and had shipped to calif.....this car is impossable to beat 40mpg and hard to find in bayarea....did the whole deal uing CC .

good guys , watch site often
I live near this place and bought a car from them in person. I was recommended to them by a coworker that had done the same a couple years ago. They mostly have German cars, with some Japanese. I was on their lot twice and was impressed both times with the quantity and quality of cars. Many beautiful BMWs, MBs, Porsches, Audis, etc.

I dealt with Roger and my experience was positive. The car I wanted was uncommon, and there were only two in a 150mile radius of me (Roger having one of them). I was being aggressive with the price I was offering to buy for, and it made for a bunch of back n forth negotiating over the course of a week. They came down a tiny bit on the price, but I think they didn't have much wiggle room because their buyer bought the car with less of a margin than they typically do. We got the deal done and I picked it up from them a couple days later with a cashier's check. They prep the car nicely - thorough detail including clay bar.

I believed them when they told me they do most of their business remotely/through the Internet.

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