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Review Terrible Experience with Avas Flowers
Let me first start off saying this is only my experience and it could possibly be a one time deal... I wanted to order flowers for my wife as a pre-Valentine's day gift, just to show how she is special to me on everyday, not just Valentine's. Lets just say I ordered from the wrong company.
Here is the paraphrased email that I sent to their "Customer Service" (I removed some text that was either personnel information or repetitive):
"I have attached my receipt. I ordered the 6 Calla Lilies/12 Roses arrangement for my wife. What my wife received was 11 "Hybrid Lilies" (only 1 of which had even started to bloom) and 7 roses (that were well past their prime, having brown spots and beginning to wilt).
First problem, is that these are not the flowers that I had the intention of ordering. I realize now that you had a small warning tucked away at the end of the description tab about how the Calla Lilies may be substituted for "Hybrid Lilies". If your warning would have been more prominent then I would not have bought these to begin with, these Hybrid Lilies stink, set off my wife's allergies, and in my opinion are not attractive in a bouquet of roses. Calla Lilies are a lot more attractive, do not carry nearly as much pollen, do not stink, and happen to be my wife's favorite flower.
Second problem, is the value and appearance of the substituted arrangement. Taken directly from your website, "a great effort will be made to keep the same look and feel of the arrangement, using flowers of greater or equal value." How can you tell me that 11 Hybrid Lilies and 7 roses come up to the same value as what I ordered (12 roses/6 calla lilies). The appearance of the flowers is not even close to what I ordered, the white-to-red ratio will be completely when the 11 off-white/yellowed Hybrid Lilies start to bloom, they will completely overrun the 7 red roses (which will probably won't have any petals left by then anyways).
The third problem, is the quality and life cycle of the flowers, the Hybrid Lilies buds appear to be in good condition, but they are just buds, only one has started to bloom. The roses are already fully bloomed and are not in good condition. Most had brown spots on the petals, and appeared to be getting ready to wilt their petals off. So it seems that my wife will be able to enjoy the half-baked roses for another day or so, then a little while later she will be able to enjoy the hybrid lilies by having allergies.
I paid almost $64 (after a 15% discount) for your flowers and services. For the quality, value, and types of flowers my wife received, it would have been cheaper, less hassle, and more meaningful for me to take time off work go buy twice as many same quality flowers from a local grocery store and deliver them myself...

That concludes the problems with my first order.
I received a call the next day from their call center (in a foreign country btw) offering to good quality flowers with the correct order (6 calla lilies/12 roses) delivered again the very next day. It sounded like a good solution, so I told the guy that the flowers would have to be sent to my home address since my wife would not be at her office (which is located in another city) for a few days since it was the weekend.
...So the next day, Long story short the flowers were delivered to her WORK address AND they were 6 roses short, and nobody at their call center even knew they were delivered to the wrong address. Three days after they were delivered, my wife returned to work, you can only imagine the shape the flowers were in.
Needless to say, I have been trying to talk to a manager to get my money back for the past 5 business days. I have been juggled around between departments, had to tell my story to a dozen different people and left multiple messages with them to have their manager call me back since getting my money back "is not an option".
I have gotten multiple phone calls at random times from different members of the call center all needing me to explain my situation before they try and find a solution. The only solution they offer me 20% off my next purchase Mad(Are you kidding me?). Not once have I ever gotten a manager or anyone would could even have the option of giving me a refund.

I highly recommend skipping over this company when considering ordering flowers online. I will update this post if any resolution is actually made. Sorry to be long-winded but believe it is necessary to explain the how frustrating this company has been.

EDIT 2/13
I received a phone call from them yesterday while at work, of course it was nobody in management. After about 10 minutes of describing the situation, yet again, and being offered 12 roses for a Valentine's day delivery, I finally gave up on being able to talk to a manager, and settled for a redelivery to my wife of my original order (12 roses/ 6 calla) lilies in about a week from now. I was assured that they would be fresh flowers, exactly what I ordered, and delivered to the correct address.
I have my fingers crossed

EDIT 2/14
So, here is another twist... last night while taking out the trash I noticed a flower box from Avas Flowers sitting on my back porch. After opening, they were exactly the same as the first batch that was sent to my wife's work (including all the same problems). I have no idea why I am getting more flowers sent to my home, I'm just praying that these are not the replacement flowers that were supposed to be sent to my wife's work next week. I did check my credit card, and I wasn't charged for these... just ready to be done with this.

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