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Quote from SGS-1 View Post :
Is yours the E02 or P21/B01 when you got it?

Can you share the files on the drive with friends and family? Is there a special share link or do you have to give them full access?
Also, can they upload files to it remotely too or does the pc have to be on the network to upload?

If my external hard drive sleeps from inactivity, will this be a problem if I try to access it remotely? Does it start up somehow?
Like everyone else in that thread, I received an E02.

Keep in mind that my experiences do not reflect what you would encounter straight out of the box. I had to install Arch onto an external USB drive.

I have lighttpd set up to serve static content, so I can send out HTTP links that will work in web browsers.

As for general file access, I just use LogMeIn Hamachi to create a private network, tell people to join said network, and give them a set of credentials for Samba access to the appropriate SMB share.
This basically emulates "cloud" storage. Full read/write access (if I set it) and it appears just like a local drive when connected.

There will be a slight delay when trying to access files from a drive that has spun down, but it'll work as normal once the drive wakes up from sleep.