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Quote from Xygonn View Post :
There have been a great many advances in nuclear safety, both in industry in terms of INPO and in the NRC. Some of which are because there wasn't enough sharing of reliability and failure data between plants before Three Mile Island (which resulted in no deaths, and no significant exposure).

As for San Onofre, the culprit is steam generator tube leaks (which leak mildly radioactive primary water into the secondary steam line, not to the public). While I haven't kept a close eye on them, it looks like the new steam generators suffered from flow induced vibration. It seems like it may have been poor design.
Agreed on both and my point stands. They don't have a solution other than "let's run it at less than full power and cross our fingers". Again, with the recent problems and negative spotlight on the industry you would think they would have a better plan...