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Quote from jwcdis View Post :
Don't, I bit a couple of weeks ago and it was a pain in the ass.
to connect to PC, you either need a SPDIF output OR a RCA to 3mm converter
The mic, I believe might work in SPDIF otherwise you'll have to connect through a PC xbox 360 controller or through a 2.5mm jack input.

I regret purchasing this for PC without looking into the details.
Quote from DJ3xclusive View Post :
I would soley recommend this strictly for xbox use only unless your PC has a sound card that supports the specific outputs needed nod It's best use for the 360 gaming console Big Grin

I hooked these up to my computer and ran the USB to it as well. I also ran a Hemingway splitter from my Xbox to my tv and my pc. So while these are hooked to my pc, I can still get the Xbox audio without having to disconnect and reconnect them. I have no idea why you would say not buy it as there are no drivers needed to use these. Just plug and play. The one downside is they go through aaa batteries really quickly. Like 7-8 hours of use and I have to get new ones every 2 days. I finally got some rechargeable ones yesterday so we shall se.....