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Quote from brbubba View Post :
It's not a slur, no more than Brit is a slur for a British person. The fact that a certain segment of people at one time or another have used the word in a derogatory context, doesn't suddenly make my usage of the word derogatory. Definition wise it has a legitimate usage, which is exactly how I am using it. People tend to give words this power, even though context nor the technical base or origin of the word are ever actually understood. We see the same thing with words like "retard" or "gay", where one person finds it offensive in a context that actually is offensive and then suddenly the word is off limits in all contexts. Sorry but that's BS.
Definition wise negro is legitimate, but you still sound like a racist grandpa when you use it.
If I appear to be ignoring your posts, it's probably because you are on my ignore list.

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