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Quote from bonkman View Post :
I have no idea. I'm not in the market for a new modem so I'm not sure. However, I do know there's no upper bound on DOCSIS 3.0. DOC3 handles the data in discrete channels and must support >=4 channels, each with a thoroughput above 40Mbps IIRC. There's no max number of channels and thus there's no upward bound on speed. Different hardware will support different numbers of channels, I am sure.
So ya, there is no hardware to support it.

But I want it! I don't care if it'll only give me 15Mbps upload I want the 1,000 and if I don't get it I'm going to rant, rave, and sign a petition demanding something that I can't actually take advantage of. Ohhhhhh, how can the poor do without their 1,000Mbps internet!

Good summary of the posts in this thread?

All this entire article is, is some wanna be FCC head trying to tug on the heart strings of the uninformed American public by making it seem like class warfare is going on because, let me quote, "the rich are getting gouged, the poor are very often left out, and this means that we're creating, yet again, two Americas, and deepening inequality through this communications inequality." That has honestly got to be the biggest pile of steaming crap I have heard come out of someone's mouth in a long time...