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Even if this is a generic "fake", it will work just fine. No need to spend anything extra.


"ebayexpert" deleted my warning. Add a rebuttal if you like, please do not delete. Reposted below.

Keep in mind that ebay and Amazon vendors are awash in counterfeit, fake, clone versions of this exact Motorola charger. The genuine Motorola car charger is a great product, the fakes are no better than the awful $1 generic Chinese chargers.

I'd strongly recommend avoiding this and spending a whole $3.14 extra on a guaranteed genuine high-quality Motorola charger. Either that or save $2 and get a generic $1 crap charger.


"guaranteed genuine high-quality Motorola"

Yeah, because Motorola only makes guaranteed quality stuff. Monster says the same thing about their cables. Stop trying to scare people.


No, because this particular Motorola charger is a high quality unit that gets great reviews. The cheap $1 Chinese chargers are largely crap, they introduce noise and have even been known to damage electronics. If the one for sale above is a counterfeit, it probably has the internal electronics of a crappy $1 Chinese charger. Why spend $3 on a counterfeit Motorola with crappy internals when you can get an "authentic" crap Chinese charger at most dollar stores for $1?

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