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Quote from LivninSC View Post :
No it doesn't. That's like saying a Bugatti Veyron is slow because it can only go ~ 270mph while a F-35 can go mach 1.6. Or if you don't like that it's like saying a Honda Accord is slow because it can only go 130 while the Veyron can go 240.

Both are more than enough...

I'm not sure why you guys feel that you're entitled to 1Gbps for $15/mo but if you think you can deliver it than stop wasting your time here and go out and do it. It's time to put up or shut up but don't think for one minute I will support any initiative to take my tax $ just do you can all download porn faster Big Grin
I respect that you are all pro US pride but let me re-post and edited from above (for the links).
Only we live here will want this country better.

Nothing says about speed is for HD or what to use of the speed (like you said "porn"). People want cheaper rate with fast speed while you have have F-35 leave it to use it or not.
US, is as a country in the world. That says US compared to other countries, title of this thread, internationally comparisons from the original post.
Reports from a US backbone/content distribution company Akamai (who was main content provider in the world): US mobile, slow, see the bottom 2 from the listed comparison. US broadband, slow, average, 10.9mbps, alomost slower than Columbia.