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To Answer Common Questions:
1) TigerDirect operates on Eastern Standard Time... so it is okay to order now (no matter where in the US you are located). Your order invoice will show the correct date to qualify you for the both of the $10 rebates (02/14/13).

2) The Rebate Instructions are Live Now. The Rebate Registration Form on will not be live until around 5 AM EST on 02/14/13.

Until then, it will say "Offer Code Not Found".

3) The Rebate Limits for both items are:
Limit ONE (1) rebate per qualifying rebate offer, per person, billing address, company, or household

4) If you are not seeing "Econo Shipping"....

If your address is more than one line (for ex. apartments), please put your entire address in one line. TigerDirect's ordering system detects multi-line addresses as business addresses. Econo Shipping is only available to residential addresses.

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