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No - 8GB Max RAM means 4GB Max / DIMM
Quote from mowerpower View Post :
This may be a dumb question, but my laptop has two slots for RAM and it accepts up to 8GB total. Can I buy this one stick of 8GB and only use one of the two available slots? Are there any advantages/disadvantages to this type of configuration? I've tried researching this and I am getting mixed answers.
No. Unless something has changed in the past few years you cannot use an 8GB DIMM on a 2 socket motherboard that only supports a total of 8GB. In general Max RAM = Sockets x Max RAM / Socket. It has to do with how the controller addresses the memory. Think about sockets like the streets of a city. You don't have to develop apartments on all of the streets, but you have to use all of the streets if you want to develop the entire city.