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I am not a fan of mine even with Cyan mod on it. Too slow!!
I messed around with CM 7, CM 10 nightlies and MIUI, and I have to say MIUI works by far the best on my Nook Color (can't say for the Tablet but I assume theyre pretty similar). I threw on Nook Tweaks to OC to 1200 mHz and Seeder and it runs really well i must say. The only issue I had run into so far is Plex crashes on it (used to work on CM). If you track down some of the modded versions of Netflix and Hulu Plus they work great on it as well.
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I have a feeling it is the class 2 SD card I am using. Everything seems a tad slow. I am going to root the tablet though as I have no need for the dual boot. Would you by any chance have the link to the root method not the SD card method? Thanks in advance guys. Also, I partitioned my SD card but the memory still is messed up.
check out for the root guide. Mine is installed on the internal memory. Once you get clockworkmod on there and you have android running on there I would highly recommend downloading rom manager from the play store, the app lists all the roms available for your device and you just select the one you want. If you get the pro version they give you the option to DL the CM nightlies which is nice but not necessary.
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I've been trying to search for a cheap case for this nook tablet, but not getting good results on amazon or ebay. Any recommendations on a decent case for under $10?
I use it works pretty well although I had to glue the little flap that holds the nook in there to keep it from sliding out. Not a huge issue because I never need to take it out anyway.

Also for those concerned with the proprietary micro usb, regular micros do work they just charge slower (~8 hrs vs 2 hrs) I usually use wifi file transfers instead of usb anyway bc its easier to work with.

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