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Quote from Graphikzking View Post :
My wife loves hers and I like it as well.. quick question on your Windows 8 phone.

How does the OS scale down? It works great on the tablet/netbook combination but how is it on the phone?

I wasn't sure if I'd like it and carriers requiring a 2 year commitment makes it tough to hop on board. If MS does a "Microsoft Nexus" type of thing for $299 for a really nice phone then I'd probably take a chance.

I think Windows 8 sucks without touchscreen to be honest. I couldn't imagine using a Windows 8 laptop without it now that I've used hers.

15 hours battery life - untouchable - and no external battery pack/cables required.

BTW - most people don't know - I leave the keyboard plugged in to charge when she has the tablet in her hands and I can plug my nexus 7 up to the keyboard and charge it through the usb.

Also, my nexus 7 hooks up to her tablet and I can transfer files through USB mass storage to the nexus tablet.

NO CLUE how to use NFC on these things though. Any ideas? Google was ZERO help.
Windows 8 OS on the phone is very similar to RT as far as tiles and the look of it on the home screen but it's designed to be very mobile friendly. I compare it more to the iphone than I would an android phone. It took getting used to at first but I love my lumia 920 because of the super fast refresh rate and lack of lag. Everything just flies... I think it's on par or exceeds that of an iphone but I haven't used iphone 5 yet. I haven't really tried to integrate my windows phone to my windows rt yet. They just kind of exist as separate entities. By the way... I also have nexus 7 and nexus 4 as well for the android experience. Not sure which is more superior but I used all of them bit different for different occasions.