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Quote from the1rockstar View Post :
Not trying to thread crap, but I've been trying to figure out if buying one of these is worth it. I currently have a smart TV and would only be buying one if it provided me extra content (i.e like extra free channels that are worth watching). I was looking at either this or the Roku.

What would the net benefit of this be (for free content related items)?
Roku for that, the draw to this is you can play downloaded files via a USB drive very nicely.

Quote from kanwisch View Post :
I've owned one of these for some time. I like the Netflix interface and the ability to use shared windowz drives without needing extra software (like Plex) to access it from my media player. That said, it is slower than my Roku and we can't turn it off because it locks up and has to be unplugged in order to bring it back from the dead. This is an issue that has slowly built over time. Lastly, the load of the Netflix app is very slow. Very disappointed and I'm now on the lookout for a Roku to replace it. Don't recommend.

PS: Yes, I have the latest firmware and its in a cool location.
One bug with the shutting down, is it locks up if you power down while in the netflix app. Hopefully the next firmware fixes this, but in the meantime exiting netflix before powering off should help.

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