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Quote from technopimp View Post :
In one transaction I once bought diapers, cat food, KY, latex gloves, toilet paper, hot sauce, Lysol, NyQuil and zip ties. I'm sure that's worth something to someone. bounce
And next time, they will send you junk mail for all those similar items. And as you may know, when you visit any website, they usually setting up cookie when you logon to CK, they can work with online ad site to put up target online ad when you look at any website. And they can work with FB later to share that information. Using your FB account information, FB can said you bought those items and advertise to your friend (which facebook did that already but can work with CK to get additional info). Just look at how much FB/Google is making by just doing all those online ads. Now someone actually KNOW what you bought and can really using your name to advertise to your friends or give you more target ads.

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