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Quote from brownnote View Post :
well, if you have rated 1333 ram and are running it at 1600 stable, depending on the ram this is actually not too shabby.

What ram do you have? That makes a huge difference.

Excellent board for the $... I have used it in a few builds for friends.
Actually it is rated 1600 but the 2500K supports only upto 1333 that is why it was dragging it down to 1333? I was only able to uptick it to 1600 - same as the rating.

Quote from cowguy View Post :
Biostar rebates are the worst of the lot. Lots of crazy instructions. Nearly impossible to track, it wont show up on the website, you will have to call in to the biostar office and get redirected. And some 14-18 week processing times. I did a rebate in Nov 12 and its not even approved yet.
Huh? This is processed by 4myrebate,solid reputation for rebate processing.

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