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Quote from redking View Post :
Don't take the TDs personally. These are a bunch of nerds and losers with no lives rating a deal, not judging your worth. Also, you didn't post a computer or gadget deal so they are handicapped by a lack of real world applicability of the item. laugh out loud

Im not a nerd, nor a loser and I didnt TD, but paying this much for headphones, to some people, its friggn insane!

yea, yea I know the sound/audio may seem awsome, and audiophiles can extol the virtues of paying out your wazzzzzoo and still feel like youre getting a deal kinda like getting pillaged by pirates and thanking them at the same time, yea yea,.... Hey, this 2009 civic wassss $25,000 but its on sale now for $19,900...

PS. Just because something isnt cheaper anywhere else, does not make this a slick deal..

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