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Quote from JAXXBOSS View Post :
Ok, Well, I am selling my used TP and its a slick deal for $49.50 !! 5 sheets and slightly stinky. Only one selling it so I know there isnt a cheaper price out there.Wink
How much you wanna bet if it were JLo's TP it would sell out?

And that's my point, there's a market for everything and everyone.

If it's not for you, then ok, it's not for you. So you move along, nothing to see here.

But if it is for you, then aren't you glad it was posted?

Even if it is just for used TP?

Btw, I'm just thinking it would be helpful to other SDers to understand why their posted deal is not perceived as such, in addition to the TDs.

Maybe I'm wrong about it, and just being overly sensitive.

Forgive me, must be a Valentine's Day Hangover. bounce