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Quote from JAXXBOSS View Post :
But its not hers, its mine and its the only and best price out there!!!
Find me Jlo selling her used TP and then we can talk, until then Ive proved my point.

Hey, you asked and I answered, this is why is isnt a SD just because it the lowest price
Let's compare apples to apples here.

First, you need to spend $millions on marketing your TP at MSRP, have it endorsed by a "celebrity" and advertise it as one of the best, coolest, "all the other kids have it" type of product.

Then, you need to discount it 70% at major retailers across the country.

Then, you can compare it to the deal I posted and say your piece about not being a deal.

Otherwise, your one-off analogy isn't quite accurate.

But thanks for the response, it's been helpful to see how you and other SDers think.

As others have stated, I'll just have to get thicker skin and learn to ignore the TDs from now on.