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Quote from JackHandey View Post :
Is killing an enemy in warfare considered murder?

Part of the reason I oppose said law, is because I believe it would result in anarchy, when people willfully disobey such a law due to unconstitutionality and defend themselves from oppression. Enforcing such a law destroys the relationship between law enforcement and the community that they are supposed to protect.

There is a difference between opposing something so vigorously as to not be opposed to violence in defiance, and outright opposing law and order in whole cloth.

You are now on record as misrepresenting someone else said entirely now, though.
is killing a government official who is upholding the law equal to war?

you oppose the law because you believe it will result in anarchy, yet you promote the idea of anarchy as a means to counteract the law. "this law will lead to anarchy, so we must use anarchy to prevent this law from being enforced." (i notice this is similar to the republican's logic on spending -- "we must stop government spending because if we don't stop government spending the government will have to stop spending", but i digress.)
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