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Quote from smallcapguru View Post :
this statement doesn't make sense at all. You infer that you have to have IS to make a macro shot? baloney. i have two macro specific lenses. both of them do not have IS.

Most of my macros' are done with a tripod. i would highly suggest people use tripods and remote shutter release/timed shutter release when doing still macro....that and good lights for a faster shutter speed.
I don't infer. I, as the sender of the message, would imply.

You can infer from my implication, though.

And you misunderstood what I was saying. I was saying that the lens does not have IS, for those people who don't intend on just shooting macro.

Quote from izx View Post :
As you seem to suggest, current IS is not supposed to help for macro shots (in fact, Nikon even recommends turning off VR on their Micro-Nikkor lenses). This is because IS/VR is currently designed to compensate for motion in 2D (up-down, left-right), I.e hand/camera shake. If you've ever shot macro, you know that at that distance your concern is not that kind of motion, BUT forward-backward motion (that's the difficulty in trying to keep the subject in focus handheld). None of the current stabilization technologies from any mfr will compensate for that motion.
Interesting! Good to know!

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