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Quote from revolutn View Post :
I've tried to locate the posts that show this printer being available for $200 previously, without any success.
I did find a post for a higher price for this model.
So if anyone saying they purchased this for that price point can provide a link, that'd be great.

I can say this, the D in the model make a big difference.
You can source the non duplexing MF8080 model for right around $240 currently, so with a deal / sale / coupon I could see how you might get close to $200.

As for people talking about the not user friendly setup / configuration.
I can say this much.
This is really a low end model of an enterprise class printer, not really your average consumer class MFp.

My familiarity of them from work probably makes me biased on this point, but I find it no more difficult to configure than HP MFp's and while we always deploy HP printers for dedicated print only services;

We've found HP MFp's to be very bad to manage from an IT perspective as well as poor performing for the end user community, prone to frequent problems.

I've been looking for a quality, not just cheap for cheap sake, Mfp that could handle all functions for my home. This was the best blend of reputable manufacturer and model with features for the price I've personally come across in over a year worth of keeping a casual eye out.

I've ordered one of these myself, but not yet received it.
Anyway it was my own choosing this model deal that led me to post it, I'm glad some people found it to be a good deal for them as well.

For those gripping about toner costs....well....a few things I can comment on.

The cartridges will last quite a while at about 4,000 pages and right now they run about ~$50 per on the open market individually, or ~$175 for a full replacement set of 4.
Laser printer toner is always expensive, but it will last you a long time and has a lower per page cost when compared to ink based counter parts.

I found it for $299.00 pageStick Out Tongue15_FRI date:021513